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France To Reinstate Rail Links From Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris

The French government have recently announced that they are ready to go through with the plans for a rail transfer service from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris, which will add another option to the list of ways for travellers using the airport to get from their flight to the city centre.

The project for a rail transfer service, named the “CGD Express”, was originally conceived in 2000, but suffered numerous setbacks over the next decade, before finally being discontinued in 2011, when the construction group charged with the building and engineering work pulled out of the endeavour.

The plans for the CGD Express then lay dormant for over two years, before being recovered by French Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier earlier this year. The Ministry then promptly made both the press and French citizens aware of their plan to take up work on the railway transfer exchange once again.

Although a specific date for inauguration has not yet been set, measures do seem to be in place to ensure the exchange is, in fact, completed and readied for launch within a functional time frame. Sources close to the Ministry recently told Reuters that, after debating the possibility of granting the plans to a state partnership for several years, Cuvillier had finally decided on that route. The project will, therefore, be completed by a partially state-funded outfit, with a team already allocated the task of budgeting the endeavour.

The completion and opening of this service would be most beneficial for travellers going to and from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris. Although the airport already boasts a number of options for transfers – including private car hires and buses – the railway link would help make the transportation link system at Charles de Gaulle more complete, giving it a configuration similar to the ones already found in other major European airports, such as London Stansted.

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