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Clay Wireless Locks Offer A Glimpse Into The Future … and it’s looking pretty secure

United Kingdom: Today we’ve seen the launch of a brand new company who are dedicating their efforts solely on distributing wireless door locking technology to the UK market. EMS Distribution have also just published their website for the first time, which contains information about their products and provides potential customers with a means of making enquiries about how clay wireless locks could be of benefit to them and their business. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen any kind of evolution in this marketplace, and so many people are very excited to see what the new technology could do for them.

My Clay works by digitising the locking mechanism on any door and linking it to a tag, computer or smartphone. This means people will never have to worry about losing their keys again, and they’ll be free to concentrate on more important matters. The clay system actually offers increased security, and although there are a few issues people may need guidance with, most of the installation process is very simple indeed. So, you can rest assured that your property will be as secure as possible under the new clay system.

Up until very recently, this technology hadn’t reached UK shores, but had managed to find its feet on the continent, achieving remarkable success in both the Netherlands and Denmark. After seeing what an amazing difference clay can make, the people behind EMS Distribution set their sights on bringing it to the attention of UK consumers and business owners. Though the technology is new, all indications suggest that it will become a staple in both office and warehouse environments within the next three years.

The costs involved with installation are incredibly reasonable, and as a basic kit will set you back no more than £4.99 each month, we’re expecting to see the company overrun by the sheer level of demand in the very near future. All subscriptions are also adjustable, meaning clients will have to option to update and revise the service they receive at any time during the use of clay. Also, there are three levels of user; Clay Owners (who purchased the service and so are able to adjust any settings), Super Users (who are able view all details but not modify them) and Standard Users (who will be the majority of people using the locks. This means managers in any business can be given a superior level of access.

Anyone wishing to get in touch with EMS Distribution with questions or queries about Clay and how it works can do so by visiting their website or using the contact information included below. The EMS Distribution team always aim to deal with customer and client correspondence in a timely manner, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a reply.

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