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Newspaper’s Valmorel Holiday Suggestions Could Interest Ski Plan Customers

Leading British newspaper group Express (which publishes both the Daily and the Sunday Express) have recently published on their online domain a list of suggestions for a winter holiday at the French resort of Valmorel, which could interest students taking ski trips to that destination through companies such as Ski Plan.

While the list’s title specifically references the French Alpine resort, the activities detailed therein are available at a large number of other resorts, so students travelling to other destinations with companies such as Ski Plan should be able to enjoy some or all of them as well.

Among the activities highlighted by the author of the piece are the ever-popular dog-sledding – a sport that has been finding its audience among young and old winter holidaymakers alike – and snowshoe trekking. Students on a school winter trip through a company such as Ski Plan can also, of course, try their hand at skiing, snowboarding, and other traditional winter sports. Students travelling during the summer, on the other hand, will be able to use the very same slopes that delight winter-time skiers to indulge in mountain bike runs or nature hikes.

In recent years, activities such as the ones suggested in the article – along with others such as night-time skiing, freestyle skiing and snowboarding or even snow windsurfing –have been gaining in popularity among winter holiday enthusiasts. As a result, they have become a staple of several winter resorts, as well as of a number of packages offered to schoolchildren by companies such as Ski Plan. The more diversified nature of these holidays when compared to regular skiing or snowboarding outings is their main selling point, and what attracts tourists and school groups alike to it.

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