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Saisum Technology Company Limited provides telecommunication components

China, March 5, 2014: Telecommunication system that exists in the world today is one of the great technological advancement that humans have made. Information has become volatile and communication between people has been more than easy since technology developed in this domain. Saisum Technology Company Limited is one of those names that cannot be omitted from being mentioned for their efficient telecommunication. The company provides coaxial circulator, filter, repeater, resistor, RF isolator and other components that are used in telecommunication to the global market. Despite incredible advancement of digital and software technology, hardware is integral to telecommunication. In fact, efficiency in telecommunication is directly proportional to efficiency of hardware. 

Saisum Technology Company has technical development groups of experienced and professional workers. The technical development group always remains prepared to manufacture microwave, stripline and coaxial passive device. The company has respectable catalogue of its own industrial parts and equipment. A Saisum Technology also provides components that are designed and manufactured specially according to specifications of customers. It is a competitive market and the flexibility of customised products enables customers of Saisum Technology to gain edge over many of their competitors. If a company supposedly needs a slightly different drop in isolator as result of its strategy of growth, it can specify the customisation details and receive the product built with accuracy. 

Saisum Technology has coaxial circulator with 20 MHz frequency and with different frequencies up to 20 GHz. The coaxial circulators of the company have good temperature behaviour and high aseismatic capability. They are high in quality and meet RoHS standard. Thus, their application is in space research, military and commercial goods. Both standard and customised products of Saisum Technology are relatively less expensive and are delivered fast. The same is true for drop in isolators. The range of frequency of drop in isolator is between 20 MHz and 26.5 MHz. Saisum Technology provides 6 varieties of RF isolators, RF circulators, coaxial attenuators and coaxial terminators, 4 types of signal repeaters and 3 kinds of filters and cavity power splitters. Cavity directional couplers and differential phase shift circulators have single models. 

Circulators and isolators are made of ferrite materials, which have property to control microwave energy transmission. Microwave energy travel one directional transmission path with small loss due to nonreciprocal behaviour of ferrite material. The nonreciprocal operation is achieved due to presence of ferromagnetic material in magnetic field. The application of magnetic field causes interaction between lectrons and microwave signals within the material. It is known as resonance frequency and is determined by the atomic made-up of ferrite component. There is much technicality to it. However, the machinists at Saisum Technology understand the science of waves and apply their knowledge to the product of best-in-class telecommunication equipment. 

About Saisum Technology Company Limited: 

Website: http://www.saisum.com 

Saisum Technology Company Limited is a Chinese firm involved in production of efficient telecommunication components. The company designs and manufactures microwave, stripline and coaxial passive devices as well as customised parts according to specifications of customers.

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