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Pregnant Women May Not Be Covered By Single Trip Holiday Insurance

A recent investigation carried out by major British newspaper The Telegraph has come up with alarming results for pregnant women, as it discovered most single trip holiday insurance policies will not cover an expectant mother.

The inquest in question was carried out after a reader of the aforementioned periodical contacted its offices to present a complaint. The woman, who was pregnant at the time of her holiday to Ethiopia, related how her single trip holiday insurance provider had refused to cover the £550 cost of her trip, purely on the grounds of her being heavy with child.

The 34-year-old caller became aware of her pregnancy immediately after paying the non-refundable flight fare for a holiday in Ethiopia. Due to the risk of contracting malaria, she then sought to cancel the trip, but found her insurance provider was unwilling to comply. This was because, under the terms of the single trip holiday insurance contracted by this reader, pregnancies up to 32 weeks were not covered in the insurance plan. The woman was, therefore, out the cost of her flight, which she was unable to recoup.

This story eventually led to The Telegraph contacting a number of British companies, in order to ascertain whether or not they would be willing to provide insurance to a woman in the aforementioned caller’s situation. Results were mixed at best, with certain companies declaring themselves willing to satisfy the woman’s wishes, while others stated they would refuse the claim unless there was a proven complication with the pregnancy that impeded the trip from taking place.

Pregnancy, therefore, joins an ever-increasing list of conditions included in a ‘grey area’ of single trip holiday insurance policies. Other representatives of this rapidly expanding group include chronic, recurring or dormant illnesses or injuries, as well as certain types of operative procedures.

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