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Nafunk Degroove is an independent artist who produces songs of different styles. What is common about his songs is the catchy melody, the mad beat, the motivating bass and the imagination.

“Animals’ right to dance” by new artist Nafunk Degroove

“If you are an animal DANCE NOW” says in the song after the lion's roar. That is the point where you start dancing like never before if you are persuaded. That is when you let your animal instincts guide you because you identify yourself somewhere in the song or strongly believe in the aggressive preaches of Nafunk Degroove. So you dance but not like the other times: a normal dance is not recommended for this song. “Animals’ right to dance” will help you “let your nature free” and as you are dancing you will most probably feel like becoming part of the Animal Kingdom.

New artist Nafunk Degroove is offering his first song “Animals’ right to dance” for free. Since the conception of the song he knew he wouldn't sell it because he didn't want to kill it’s spirit. “Freedom to share it complements the nature of this song” he claims .
You can download “Animals’ right to dance” without subscribing to a mailing list from the official website of Nafunk Degroove which is just launched.

“Animals’ right to dance” is an earthy provocative song for those who want to be inspired and motivated in a different way” says Nafunk Degroove.

“Animals’ right to dance” comes also in a newly released EP(July 2009) which you can find at the website of CD BABY.

The EP is a wild and unpredictable collection where every song claims it’s own identity. Although it is difficult to classify the songs into specific genres they all share something in common: the catchy melody, the mad beat, the motivating bass and the imagination. It includes the following songs:
“Threat for destruction”, a surprise instrumental song about the threat for destruction that grows in many of us.
“I like to treat you bad”, a catchy pop song about the discovery of love.
“Neverending dreams” a carefree song with interesting violins that will drive you away, made for those who won’t settle down.
“Let your nature free”, a dance song with sexy vocals that comes and goes like a storm and
“Nafunk Degroove” a funky funny and happy old feel song with a message.

Nafunk Degroove could be a real independent artist: “I have done everything on my own. From the music to the artwork of the EP, building the website, taking the photos, editing the video clips. I had some help filming the video of “Animals’ right to dance” but besides that all the work and ideas belong to Nafunk Degroove”.

Nafunk Degroove also claims that he likes to experiment when making songs: “ I don’t have specific genres on my mind when i make a song. My aim is to discover and establish my own sound and my challenge is to make songs that become a need from the first hearing”.
What else can i say other than test him and maybe follow him because as he claims more “unpredictable” songs are breaking out the following months...

WEBSITE: www.nafunkdegroove.com
BLOG: http://nafunkdegroove.wordpress.com/
E-MAIL : nafunkdegroove@gmail.com

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