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Mommies.us presents a social platform for mothers and pregnant women

The United States of America, April 1, 2014: Pregnancy and motherhood is a pride for any woman. Being able to conceive a baby, bear it in womb and selflessly nourish it after birth are exclusively women’s attributes. However, women who get pregnant for the first time or those who have their first child normally need guidance and assistance. Even second-time or third-time pregnant ladies and those with 2 or 3 children may need advice and suggestion on certain matters. Mommies.us is the website for all such women. Internet is the communication medium with the widest reach and simple accessibility. An online forum like Mommies.us is great means of interaction between ladies throughout the world. 

Mommies.us is a social website that has been put up exclusively for pregnant ladies and mothers. The website is intended to be a free platform for communication between women who need advice or assistance on any matter related to pregnancy and motherhood. Ladies can create groups or join existing groups at the website. The layout of the website has been kept minimalist to provide surfing experience, unlike many other websites that are loaded with advertisement and cluttered with links. It is said that sharing is caring and Mommies.us is the platform that facilitates the spirit of sharing, helping, assisting and advising. It is a totally free social network. 

The privacy standards of Mommies.us are comparable to any other online social medium that collects basic information about users. Women can join the network without hesitation regarding privacy and leak of private information as the website does not demand much private information. The only requirement for registration is a username, which can be anonymous, and email id, which is not shared publicly by the administrator. Besides, the website verifies the email id used for registration to eliminate possibility of misuse of someone’s email address by someone else. 

Since Mommies.us is a free platform and intended to be a common place for exchange of experience and tips, its members are not allowed to use it for commercial purpose. The website already has four groups, one each on pregnancy, breast feeding, toddlers and teenagers. Member users can not only create groups or join existing ones, they can even have their own pages personalized according to their preference. Moreover, the website provides adequate help and support through its Help page, where users can learn how to use various features of Mommies.us. Thus, ladies have an absolutely exclusive means of discussing about the thing that is absolutely exclusive to them. 

About Mommies.us: 

Website: http://www.mommies.us/ 

Mommies.us is a social medium for pregnant women and mothers. The website is an exclusive forum on pregnancy and motherhood. It lets women discuss the challenges and issues of various stages of pregnancy, breast feeding and child-raising as well as seek advice and share experience regarding the same.

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