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Top Companies Like Bartle Holidays Help Balearics Shine In Tourism Rankings

Tour operators and specialised accommodation providers such as Bartle Holidays may be playing a significant role in making the Balearics the region of Spain with the best figures where tourism is concerned, a recent study shows.

Conducted by a local company, the survey in question aimed to serve as a balance of the levels of tourist activity for each of Spain’s 105 main tourist destinations. Factors taken into account when compiling these figures included the level of job opportunities as well as the profitability of each of the destinations included in the study.

Despite the general positive tendency of the results on offer – mostly boosted by a resurgence of Spain as a ‘fly-and-flop’ holiday destination – the survey also yields at least one surprising turn, with most of the country’s major cities experiencing decreases of, on average, 15% in their overall tourist activity. Similarly, and as a result of the aforementioned factor, job opportunities in the tourism sector in urban centres fell an average of 2.5% in relation to previous years, with hotel and accommodation bookings experiencing a slight decrease as well (1%).

At the complete opposite end of the spectrum are coastal and countryside destinations, which, according to the study quote in this article, have seen their tourist activity increase by the same 15% that the cities lost. On average, these types of destinations – in which the Balearics and Canary Islands are included – have generated close to 13.000 new employment opportunities in 2013, whereas urban centres have lost about 14.000 in the same period. A big portion of this can be attributed to companies such as Bartle Holidays, which attract an international crowd and help boost the numbers for the areas they operate in.

Leading this group of thriving resorts and islands, in terms of tourist activity, is the ever-popular Ibiza, with a growth of 4% in activity and 5.3% in employment. Meanwhile, Barcelona is one of the few cities to record a positive growth last year, followed by San Sebastian and in stark contrast to Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia, which all experienced decreases.

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