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Maltese Schools Organise Groundbreaking Joint School Ski Trip

San Andrea and San Anton schools, in Malta, joined forces for the very first time in their history to organise an outing, as they cooperated with one another to put together a school ski trip for 51 of their pupils.

The week-long initiative, jointly organised by the two L-Imselliet institutions, saw the pupils, along with a few parents and teachers, take off to the resort of Pila, in Aosta, northwest Italy, where they were able to hone their ski skills with the help of qualified instructors. A number of après-ski leisure activities were also scheduled into the programme for this trip, allowing the school-age students to benefit from some leisure time away from the pistes and the strict evaluation of their elders.

This school ski trip was the brainchild of two relatives, San Andrea PE teacher Kevin Zammit and ski instructor Charles Zammit, and was helped along by a British organisation specialising in school ski trip itineraries. Students were lodged at a hotel modelled after one of the region’s old castles, and thoroughly enjoyed the facilities at their disposal.

Both San Andrea and San Anton schools were founded by the Parents Foundation of Education, the main regulatory entity for education in Malta. San Anton is a private school heavily focused on sports programmes, and which also includes an Italian cultural exchange programme. San Andrea, on the other hand, adopts a system of ‘houses’ based upon British private education, and caters to all school levels, from the youngest set to the oldest.

Winter school ski trips to resorts have gradually become one of the most popular extra-curricular activities for schoolchildren the world over. Each year, more and more pupils hit the slopes in school-funded outings, accompanied by their parents or guardians. This type of trip is thought to have great life-skill and social benefits, explaining the frequency with which it is held by most schools in the western world.

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