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Subway Surfers say ‘hola!’ to hot chilly hunt at Mexico City.

Not many games are hailed to be genre starters. Only a few in the history of Video games have been able to achieve this status and one among the few is the subway surfers. This game has complimented itself in spawning a long list of imitators, which are also popular like Jetpack, Temple run, etc. on a closer look, it seems as if Jetpack and Temple run have been put together to form the subway surfers although the truth is, both these games have different elements of this.

The best thing about this legendary game is that the player can restart the game instantly without having to wait it through or ask for extra lives from other gamers. Even with repeated plays, the palyer does not get tired of playing the game because of the fact that urges the player to get further though sheer skill, giving the player a real sense of purpose. The fun in the game also lies partly in the world tour. Players get to travel cities like New York, Rio De Janeiro, Italy, Tokyo, Sydney, London, Mumbai, Beijing, Moscos, New Orleans, Seoul, Miami, and Paris. As if this is not enough, the latest addition to this list of amazing tours includes the mysterious Mexico City. Some of the main attractions lie in the visit to the bustling marketplaces and picturesque desert landscapes. The player also gets the chance to dress up Rose and Brody with new outfits. Here the player also gets a Prickly board and enjoy a fun weekly challenge with a hunt for hot chillies.

Another attraction to this game among gamers all over the world is it’s simply set up yet posing a challenge that intrigues the player. It can be easily downloaded and uploaded to the android mobile phones and even the pc. For more information please go to http://blog.3rbe.com/subway-surfers/

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