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Flex Belt Critic Offers Comprehensive Review of the Flex Belt

With fitness enthusiasts and shoppers bombarded with a plethora of fitness products and exercises that all purport to work and bring the best results, it can often be confusing for people to make a purchase decision. To help eliminate all the uncertainty, Flex Belt Facts is offering its most detailed and comprehensive reviews of the Flex Belt, a new abdominal fitness product that has already picked up steam with the masses. The site gives a thorough review of the Flex Belt through the experiences of an impartial actual user, so readers have no doubts as to the product’s effectiveness.

According to Flex Belt Facts, the Flex Belt is a unique abdominal toning belt that has met FDA approval for its use in toning and strengthening the abdominal core muscles. The product makes use of the EMS muscle stimulation technology to produce effective abdominal tightening motions for half an hour each day. With continued use, the core muscles tighten and gain more strength, and as the days turn into weeks, users will experience better results. Also included as part of the Flex Belt package are ten programs that push the body to its limits, for maximum results. In many trials, users noticed fully toned abdominals after six weeks of continued use.

Users of the Flex Belt are not just getting a belt when they purchase it, but rather a professionally assembled device that also comes with useful accessories and usage instructions. The belt comes with an extension, which helps to accommodate the different body types of its users. A manual comes in handy with its instructions, and so do gel pads, an AC adapter, and a remote controller to adjust the belt’s settings through the LCD monitor.

Users can thank Sylvia Jensen for the detailed Flex Belt reviews, as she dissects and takes the Flex Belt through a comprehensive test in an effort to assure interested parties that it is indeed the real thing. She gives her thoughts on how this abdominal toning belt differs from any other similar product on the market. “The Flex Belt tones your abs like no other belt, and gives you stronger core muscles which are important for overall strength and energy.”

Sylvia goes on to describe how she worked the Flex Belt into her daily workout routine, and the benefits she’s experienced since she started using it. In Sylvia’s words, “[the Flex Belt] works better than any other ab toning belt, period.”

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Sylvia Jensen, a work from home mom who after bringing forth a new baby girl, Elaine (6 months), created the site www.FlexBeltFacts.com after she realized she was yet to shed off the squishy baby weight. After time and lots of research, she came upon the Flex Belt, and decided to try it. Her experiences with the product led her to spread the good word about it, and now has dedicated the site to reviewing what she views as a truly amazing ab toning belt.

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