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Menorca Tourism Entices German Tourists to Rent a Rural Villa In Spain

Representatives from the Menorca Tourist Office recently attended a travel trade show in Berlin, with the intent of promoting the virtues of renting a rural villa in Spainamongst German travel enthusiasts. 

The venue chosen for this purpose was Berlin’s ITB Fair, the largest tour and travel industry trade show in Germany, where the representatives from Menorca hoped to dip into the vast demographic of agro-tourism enthusiasts that country boasts. It was with that intention that they travelled to Germany for the event and brought with them a catalogue of a large selection of the best rural and agro-tourism accommodation the island has to offer, which they displayed on their stand. 

To the delight of the delegation sent to Central Europe to attend the trade show, the catalogue in question was generally well received by customers in attendance, with many expressing their interest in booking a stay at an agro-tourism hotel, farm or villa in Spain. The Menorca Tourism Office’s presence at the trade event was also beneficial for purposes of networking; the Frankfurt branch of the Spanish Tourist Office formally extended an invitation for the representatives from Menorca to be present at an upcoming fair in Bremen to promote the island’s brand of ‘slow’ tourism. 

As a result of the delegation’s presence in the fair, at least one major German tour operator has already agreed to renew its presence on the island. This company’s new programme, which is set to come into fruition in late May, represents a 25% higher level of involvement in Menorca’s tourist scene than before, and should fall in line with the Tourist Office’s desires for the upcoming high season. On the flipside, the planned air-traffic connections between Poland and Menorca have been pushed back an additional year, after interest in the island dwindled in that country. 

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