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Bikshapathi Yadav Celebrates Ugadi at Serilingampally, Greeted People amid Huge Response

The Deccan regions of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra celebrated the traditional festival Ugadi with much fervor and gaiety. Serilingampally MLA bikshapathi Yadav celebrated the festival by renewing his pledge and mission to serve the downtrodden in his own humble way. He made elaborate arrangements for distributing food and clothes among the poor people of the constituency and has also extended monetary help to many of them. 


The Congress party MLA, who is a champion of the masses, reminded us, “The name Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit word Yugadi which means beginning of a new period or Yuga. For me, every year during this time, I renew my vow for serving the poor and staying with them. The festival hails the blossoming season of spring and I try to bring smile to the deprived faces that look upon me for their smallest needs.”

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The MLA, who knows his constituency inside out, is able to feel the pulse of the people like a trained doctor, had done considerable ground work for the past two months to see the goodies reach the right hands a day ahead of the festival. Besides, the party workers, he had received good support from the local clubs and NGOs in this matter.

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“It makes my heart filled with happiness when I see the people taking part in the festival and rituals in their own way, forgetting the hardships. I have always tried to take small but effective measures to reach out to the people who have made me what I am today,” remarked the veteran leader. 

Bikshapathi Yadav believes in doing small things for the people regularly and uses his resources to the full to reach out to them, says a party man. 

“Our beloved MLA has not forgotten us. He has given us money, clothes and fruits that we have used to enjoy the festival for three days. May God bless him and may he have a long life,” said an elderly fisherman of the locality. 

The Ugadi celebration turned out as a big success as a lot of people turned up during the event. 

About Bikshapathi Yadav: 

Bikshapathi Yadav an MLA of the Congress party from Serilingampally in Andhra Pradesh is aged about 58 years. He is considered as people’s man due his close proximity with the masses. He has always remained in close touch with the people of his constituency. For more information, visit https://bikshapathiyadav.com/

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