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Reducing Crowdfunding Risks

How do you know if a crowdfunding campaign is any good? 

Truth is no one does until it’s too late and the campaign has failed in full public view. But this is about to change thanks to pre-crowdfunding, a new concept being launched on April 1st. 

Clarity Crowd

The new site, claritycrowd.com, aims to provide feedback on any pitch before the campaign goes live and asks for the money. It does this by tapping into their community of enthusiasts and asking them to contribute ideas and opinions. 

Clarity Crowd is the brainchild of Hampshire based Chris Buckingham, a crowdfunding researcher and lecturer. As he explained: “At the moment campaign management either go-for-it and take a risk or they do nothing and sit on the campaign. Clarity Crowd offers them the chance to test their pitch before they get left with a very public fail.” 

Pre-crowdfunding works by allowing campaigns a space on the site for two weeks during which time the community can make comments and vote. 

“It adds a layer of quality to a campaign as management get direct feedback that can be used to improve all aspects before they launch.” Management will be in much more confident position when they launch as the community will also help build some buzz around the campaign pre-launch. Their activity on the site also earns them points that can be used to launch a campaign of their own. 

As an introductory offer Clarity Crowd will be free to list on until April 30th, after which time it will cost £99 to list a campaign for two weeks. 

About Claritycrowd.com: 

Chris is based in his home town of Winchester and is the founder of the research agency minivation. He has taught crowdfunding and entrepreneurship at University of Winchester and Winchester School of Art (Southampton University) at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

For Media Contact:
Chris Buckingham
Address: 1 Barton Court, Winchester,
City, State, Country:Hampshire, SO23 7TA, UK
Landline: (UK) 01962 866 753
Mobile: (UK) 077 99 16 66 19
Email Id: chris@claritycrowd.com
Web: www.claritycrowd.com

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