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CLSA Introduces Multi-purpose Rechargeable LED Work Light with 6 Hours Working Time

Melbourne, Australia, April 7, 2014: CLSA has always been in the forefront in launching high-power multi-purpose rechargeable LED lights. Their new led work light that guarantees 6 hour operating time is a newsmaker in the green lighting solution industry. This LED light is fitted with Samsung lithium battery, and its professional IP65 grade waterproof and dustproof feature make it a perfect portable light to work in the nights on a variety of projects. Moreover, one can find these LED work lights suitable for many outdoor activities such as fishing, cave exploration, camping etc. 

The spokesperson of the company maintains that generally LED work lights with 3 hours of operating time are available in the market. “6 hours working time can bring a lot of difference. One can now easily use the lights for hours to complete their works. For emergency plumbing, construction projects and others, our LED work lights can ensure a smooth working by providing consistent and interruption-free light.” 

The light comes with an adjustable swivel that allows easy working even in narrow tunnels. The soft grip handle and a stable base help in the convenient projection of light to lighten up specific areas for working. The spokesperson maintains that the light ensures the longest operating time after a single charge and it is one-of-its kind LED lighting available in the industry. The engineers at CLSA have designed this high-performance LED light utilizing the latest LED lighting technology. “We realized the need for a green lighting solution that can offer extended working hours and this light can transform the entire battery powered LED light market,” the spokesperson maintains further. 

CLSA is a pioneer when it comes to bringing LED lights that can offer green eco-friendly lighting, and can save energy at the same time. Their microwave sensor light has been very popular among the customers for its efficiency of detecting object movement and increasing or decreasing the illumination level to ensure adequate lighting and avoid wastage of energy. The spokesperson reveals that their led deco light is also very popular for their unique and elegant design that can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a built space. 

All these LED lights are currently available at discount prices. One can take advantage of the discounts and can place an order for the lights by visiting the website www.clsaled.com.au 

About CLSA: 

CLSA (Creative Lighting Solutions Aust.) is an Australian Company, specializing in high quality LED lighting products, solutions and services. Their expertise in designing and developing new LED lights will enable the transition from current wasteful lighting installations towards real efficient alternatives with demonstrable sustainability. 

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Email: sales@clsaled.com.au
Website: www.clsaled.com.au

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