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Search results of the future – a prediction from seo-conference.com

The internet has been a tool for many people who go online for more than a decade now. However search engines could not get directly to results that would really satisfy an online searcher with just one entry. Results can show thousands of references that might simply have a word or two of what was typed on the search field. 

On the issue about personalized search results, it can pose as a problem for those who do not have an email account for search engines. A search online can only probably made personalized if the searcher is logged in to his or her account that the search engine is associated with. Note that when logged in while making online search, more spam or junk emails come into one’s email account. 

Lead generation 

Trapping or capturing email addresses while people are online making a search is one thing that search engines or other websites do. A simple mouse over or a click sometimes does the work of getting an email address. The question is: Do these tactics really think that all emails they get are leads? 

Will personalized searches violate privacy of people who are online? Yes it could possibly be because of data collection that will be done to make it personalized. The scariest part of it is if data collected is not secured and the data will have very private personal information such as name, credit card number, address and social security number. 

Internet integrity 

The internet has lost much of its integrity especially when it comes to identity theft. It could become worse if personalized searches are made possible by search engines. With millions of websites online, they can never tell among those is just phishing. That has served as a warning for email servers whenever they suspect a doubtful email that reaches email accounts. 

Why do in-store retailers be favored over the security of individuals who go online to search? Is it because of the money paid to search engines for the advertisement they pay for? Search engines should dupe people who go online to make a search. Most of those who go online to search are just like people who go to libraries to get the information they need. 

The future of personalized search results looks bleak. If the results are from another website other than that of the search engine, will the search engine send an email of the search results to the account holder or will the resulting websites be doing that? 

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