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Artificial Grass in West Palm Beach Offered With 10% Off Materials Coupon by Synthetic Lawns of Florida

It’s hard enough for a homeowner to keep their yard looking great without having to worry about mowing their lawn. Now they can have a lawn that never needs to be mowed at a great price. That’s because Synthetic Lawns of Florida is offering an exclusive coupon for 10% off materials with the installation of artificial grass in West Palm Beach. This allows new customers to have an artificial grass lawn at a very affordable price. 

Artificial Grass

Orlando Buitrago is the owner of Synthetic Lawns of Florida. Here’s what he had to say about this special offer: 

“We enjoy creating fake grass lawns that are customers can enjoy without having to do very much upkeep to maintain it. Our prices are already very fair and this coupon makes it an even better deal. They’ll save 10% off materials when they hire us to install artificial grass in West Palm Beach. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to have artificial grass installed, you don’t have to wait any longer.” 

Synthetic Lawns of Florida is based in Boca Raton, Fl and installs artificial grass in the South Florida area. The lawns that they create are very natural looking and need very little maintenance. That’s because they only use the best artificial grass available in order to provide their customers a long lasting solution for their lawn. 

Buitrago started Synthetic Lawns of Florida to provide Florida homeowners a viable alternative to replacing their lawn with traditional grass. His customers are very happy with the product and service that his company provides. He’s given them a lawn that they never dreamed was possible. 

These homeowners don’t have to put up with the tedious work involved with maintaining a grass lawn. Since they have artificial grass installed they don’t have to mow, water, weed, or apply any kind of fertilizers or toxic chemicals to their lawn. Their lawn will also look beautiful in the driest of conditions without one drop of water. Buitrago likes to call this a set it and forget it lawn. 

This limited time offer is for new customers and can only be used on materials during the installation of artificial grass. Customers can get this coupon by visiting SyntheticLawnsFlorida.com today. They should mention that they’ve downloaded this coupon when they call Synthetic Lawns of Florida. 

Aldo Leopold once said that “Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.” When homeowners have artificial grass installed in their yard they’ll help conserve the environment in their own way. They won’t have to use precious water to maintain their lawn and they won’t have to pollute their community with toxic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers. Synthetic Lawns of Florida will even give them a coupon to do it. 

Anyone who’s interested in getting artificial grass in West Palm Beach should call Synthetic Lawns of Florida today. 

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If you’re interested in getting artificial grass in West Palm Beach, please contact Synthetic Lawns of Florida today. 

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