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Run Fishy Run is an Exciting, Fun-filled and Entertaining Game

United States of America, April 11, 2014: A new exciting and fun filled game has made its entry into Google Play Store named as Run Fishy Run. This game has been developed by Jing Jun Ma and promises to offer hours of entertainment and excitement for people of different age groups. The game is available on different platforms like Android and iOS over a wide range of devices. The game is about a Gold Fish and a hungry shark where the fish caught the attention of this fierce shark and the fate of this poor fish now depends on the person playing the game. This ocean dashing adventure can prove to be a great past time for people who like runner games.

The Run Fishy Run game is actually quite similar to the game of Temple Run but, with dynamic objects and enemies within a 2D format. The excellent graphics of the game along with its quick loading time ensures that gamers can enjoy the game to the fullest without any complains. The game also features Facebook Friends Leaderboard where gamers can invite their friends to play the game and make high scores. This simple yet challenging game can pose quite a difficult time even for the most experienced of gamers.

The primary aim of the gamers should be to keep the Gold Fish safe from the shark as well as avoid different obstacles on the way like crabs, jellyfish, volcanic eruptions, fishing nets and more. This free action game app is available for the gamers to enjoy and get immersed in the adventure. As gamers pass through different levels they get the chance to collect coins which can be used to upgrade and unlock new features. Different types of costumes with stunning visual effects and appearances can also be unlocked by the gamers while they continue playing the game.

The interesting part about this game is that here objects and enemies can interact with one another to create harder obstacles to get through. This shows that the developer of the game has really put in a lot of effort and thought towards the making of this game. There are numerous achievements available for the gamers to unlock once they pass through the different levels. The inspiration for this game actually came from the highly popular game of “Flappy Birds” however Run Fishy Run is far different from this game in different aspects. The total size of this application is 14.3MB which is generally quite small space as compared to some of the other games available at present.

About Run Fishy, Run:

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jayjaym.runFishyRun

Run Fishy Run is a game developed by Jing Jun Ma where a small Gold Fish becomes the target of a shark and the fish has to run from this huge predator. This action packed, thrilling game promises loads of fun and excitement.

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