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Weakened vision leads to different problems – headache, pain in the eyes, etc. Your eyes tense to see the text in front of you and this extra tension causes various symptoms. These problems might be caused by intensive work, involving your eyes or just by the age. No matter what the reason is, when you feel you have eye problems, here comes the moment when you should consult an ophthalmologist and usually you realize that you need reading glasses. But here is the big dilemma- ready-made or custom-made glasses?

The company officials of BeReader say that people ignore the visit to the doctor and instead try to buy glasses from a shop, pharmacy or even a marketplace without knowing exactly what they need. In most of the cases, these glasses in a short time appear not to be suitable for this person and this might cause additional health problems. Moreover, a specialist is able to find the symptoms of a serious eye disease that you might have, so it is strongly recommended to visit a doctor, if you have eye problems. This is also valid if you have a prescription and already have glasses, but you feel that you need stronger ones.

Reading glasses (Varför behöver vi läsglasögon) can be custom-made in order to meet the individual needs of a person or they can be purchased ready-made. According to the statistic of BeReader- Ready-made glasses are really popular and one of the reasons is that they are less expensive than custom–made glasses. This also allows people buy several pairs for a reasonable amount of money. And having a few pairs of glasses is a huge convenience – you do not have to look everywhere for your glasses if you need them. Having a spare pair of glasses somewhere in the office, at home, in the car or just in your handbag or suitcase, saves you so much trouble.

The biggest advantage of ready-made glasses is that you can easily check if a pair of ready-made glasses suits you and you can choose from a huge variety of models, styles and colors, so you are able to experiment with fashion and you can trust your mood. If you feel that your glasses no longer like you or do not fit your style, you can easily purchase another pair. Also, you can experiment with the way you look, with your style – you may prefer something fashionable or you can trust the conservative look. And you can take this decision again and again, without spending too much money. Moreover, fashion changes all the time and you will be able to keep pace with it. This is the freedom, which custom-made glasses could not give you.

According to BeReader experts, people who need reading glasses must remember one thing – the quality of the glasses is essential. Low-quality glasses will not only break for a short period, but can cause serious health problems. So, you must choose only quality brands and products to prevent causing yourself big trouble. When you buy a pair of ready-made glasses, you need to carefully expect it for defects – scratches, little bubbles in the glass and others.

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