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Traditional Cheese – A Worthy Souvenir Of a Vacation In Menorca

The Menorcan government plans to invest in the promotion of their own traditional brand of cheese, the Mahon-Menorca cheese, which constitutes an excellent souvenir of a vacation in Menorca

The cheese, an Original Denomination product for the region, is deemed by the local government to deserve international recognition, which explains the measures currently being put in place to ensure its expansion beyond Menorcan borders. 

This concerted effort, which according to official sources will rely on a budget in excess of €310.000 (£257.000), has been adopted by a number of local companies involved with the production of the Mahon-Menorca cheese. They will be able to benefit from the campaign in six different areas: market studies, business deals, branding, publicity, tasting events and online and social media marketing. Together, these enterprises will inject roughly €90.000 into this initiative, with the remaining €220.000 being split between the Menorcan council (€190.000) and the Mahon-Menorca Cheese Original Denomination entity, who will fund the project with €30.000. 

This scheme was officially announced during the Barcelona Food Fair, in which the President of the Menorcan Council and the Councillor for Economy, Environment and Hunting were present. The duo also announced that the plan has been included in the island’s 2014 budget, and is a part of the Menorcan Council’s second plan to support the primary sector. 

The Menorca-Mahon cheese is perhaps the most famous of Menorca’s cheeses, although the island is well known as a producer of several of them. It is a white cheese, usually no more than three months old, which is at once buttery, sharp, aromatic and both fruity and slightly salty in taste. Its unique flavour has made it a perennial favourite of cheese lovers and tourists spending a vacation in Menorca, who often purchase this product as a souvenir to take back home from their trip. As a reward for its popularity, Mahon-Menorca cheese has been given the Original Denomination distinction in 1985. 

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