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Newspaper Deems Menorca Top Destination For Renting A Villa In Spain

A newspaper from the famous Balearic beach resort of Mallorca has recently extolled the virtues of its smaller, less popular neighbour, Menorca, as a worthwhile destination for tourists looking to rent a villa in Spain.

In a feature published recently on their webpage, the Mallorca Diary considers the smallest of the Balearics, and specifically the town of Ciutadella, as one of the best undiscovered locations to visit in the Spanish administrative territory, and one tourists wanting to discover destinations away from the popular tourist circuit might want to look towards.

Although the article in question specifically mentions the Easter break, the reasons it gives and the attractions it highlights within Ciutadella are valid all year round, making the piece a worthy guide for tourists wishing to visit the region.

According to the piece, some of the virtues of Ciutadella (and, by association, Menorca as a whole) include its varied history and the monuments that currently document said history for visitors from abroad. Menorca has a fascinating past, full of the sort of administrative changes and hostile take-overs that peppered early European history. Tourists visiting the island should not be surprised to find Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Arabic and Byzantine influences scattered throughout it. More recently, peoples such as the Britons and the French have also left their mark on the island, making it a great destination for history aficionados, according to the article.

Some of the monuments and attractions highlighted in the write-up include 14th-century St. Mary’s Cathedral and the Neolithic Naveta des Tudons, perhaps the most popular of all of Ciutadella’s monuments. Together with the plethora of wonderful beaches on offer on the island, these highlights justify why the newspaper considers it one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to destinations in which to rent a villa in Spain.

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