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Elm wood table and Eames lounge could be great addition to interior furnishing

Hong Kong, April 16, 2014: Furniture along with other essential interior decoration items make an enclosed room a home. In addition to being necessary in daily life, furniture represents the status and standard of homeowners too. That is why carpentry has thrived as an industry for ages without much impact of the global or national economy. Today, it is a vast industry where from basic and classic furniture to modern and stylish furniture is produced. Besides, furniture of various kinds such as Eames lounge can be purchased online easily via shopping websites such as Stockroom, which is based in Hong Kong and retails good-quality wooden furniture.

The speciality of Stockroom is solid wood furniture. There may be many online retailers of wooden furniture but few specialise in selling unique furniture to every customer. The furniture sold at Stockroom is made of solid wood, which adds latent uniqueness in addition to the design and finishing of the product. It is the nature of Nature that no 2 things are created the same in this world. Therefore, furniture that is made of solid wood does have dissimilar internal properties, though cannot be observed with naked eyes. However, every solid wood table and other furniture at Stockroom have great apparent characteristics too.

Stockroom has a vast selection of furniture and all of it can be explored online and the information can be obtained alongside it too. The company started the online store to add value to its service for customers. The extensive selection and existence of both physical and online store allow Stockroom to provide furniture at attractively low prices. The same standard of service is maintained for prospective customers as well as buyers who need information related to furniture maintenance. Only products of top brands are selected by Stockroom after thorough inspection of the quality and finish. Thus, the retailer stands by the quality of its products in addition to the warranty offered on them by the manufacturer.

Stockroom does not deliver products through third-party courier and parcel service providers. From elm wood table and other large items to any small piece, delivery is made with the appropriate level of care and quickly. Moreover, buyers can opt for the upgraded delivery service. It includes arrival of furniture on the preferred time, removal of the old piece and unpacking, assembly and placement of the new item. The company accepts orders from and delivers to both island and mainland. Detailed guide on furniture maintenance has been provided at the website while customer service is also offered via phone and online form.

About Stockroom:

Website: http://www.stockroom.com.hk/

Stockroom is an online retailer of solid wooden furniture in Hong Kong. The store sells both classic and modern furniture of various sizes, shapes and colour to meet diverse preference of customers. It supplies furniture even to professional contractors, architects and designers.

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