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Axnew Display Technology Company Limited manufactures robust display units

China, April 16, 2014: Sight is the most significant sense and eyes are the most important sense organs for humans. Therefore, humans rely on technology that facilitates visual display more than any other form technology. Efficient and robust display units are essential requirement in many industries such as medical science, manufacturing, security, advertisement and more. Axnew Display Technology Company Limited deals in display systems in an all-round manner. It is involved in research, manufacturing and sales of display systems. The ranges of products produced and retailed by Axnew Display Technology are open frame monitors, industrial displays, touchscreen monitors, backlit monitors, panel PCs, tough panels, high brightness monitors, advertising screens and rack mount monitors.

The products of Axnew Display Technology cater to various industries such as automation, military and marine, medical science and education, retail, gaming and outdoor advertisement. Automatic control is integral part of functionality in nearly every factory irrespective of the industry to which it caters. Varieties of display units such as 10.4 industrial LCD display are purposely produced to meet the requirement of those industries as display units are necessary for monitoring and controlling automated operations. Steering and stabilisation of aircrafts and ships, switching in telephone network, heat treating ovens, factory processes, etc. are some of the operations in various industries where display units play crucial role.

There are few factors that stand out Axnew Display Technology in competition. The company has its own research and development group, the innovations of which are exclusive to the company. The innovations are mass produced by the manufacturing department while the marketing and sales section is responsible for the advertisement and retail of the products. Digital technology advances at exponential rate and the latest concepts are implemented by the company for the production of display units. Therefore, it also has an efficient technical support team to assist customers in troubleshooting. Besides, the display systems of Axnew Display Technology are FCC and CE certified.

The all-round provision of Axnew Display Technology has made it a prominent touchscreen monitors supplier on a global scale. The company enjoys long-term relationship with various clients in the world of industrial display. It is expanding its business with the help of Tradekey, Alibaba and other B2B global source platforms. The clientele and customer-base of Axnew Display Technology is spread in more than 50 countries throughout the world. Irrespective of the size of consignment, the ordered products are delivered to customers within 30 days from purchase except in cases of natural disaster or unforeseeable mishaps.

About Axnew Display Technology Company Limited:

Website: http://www.axnew.com

Axnew Display Technology Company Limited is located in Forth Building at Central Walk as well as in Block C of Ou Yi Xuan at Longcheng Avenue in Shenzhen. It is involved in research, manufacturing and sales of display systems for various industries in China and throughout the world. The last 5 years have been very prosperous for Axnew.

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