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Shops Let Customers Become Engagement Ring Designers

One of the latest trends in jewellery retail sees upscale jewellers and specialty shops enable their customers to become engagement ring designers for a day, and pick the design for their rings themselves.

Pioneering this trend was renowned jeweller chain De Beers, who partnered with an IT company to create an iPad app that allows their customers to see the diamond selection and cutting process as if through the eyes of one of the shop’s specialist engagement ring designers. Customers can choose from a wide variety of stones, cuts and shapes, thereby devising the dream engagement ring for their partner. The app, dubbed ‘De Beers Iris’, was made to order by a popular mobile marketing company, and is only available for use inside De Beers branches.

More recently, another company, Allurez Diamonds and Fine Jewellery, out of New York, has joined the bandwagon. The brand’s website, Allurez.com, is now offering a bespoke engagement ring design service, using a simple interface that will allow even novice engagement ring designers to come up with the jewel of their dreams without much problem.

Gemstone and setting are both fully customizable on this app, as are ring style, gemstone shape, and the preferred metal for the band. The choice of stones is also impressive, and stretches to include rarer and pricier gems such as coloured diamonds. Unlike the De Beers app, the Design Your Own Engagement Ring functionality can be accessed and used from the Allurez website at any time and from anywhere.

At a time when engagement rings are a divisive issue, and where uniqueness, creativity and originality seem to be highly valued when purchasing one, bespoke design functionalities such as the ones offered by De Beers and Allurez are a welcome innovation, sure to find an audience among brides and grooms-to-be.

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