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Engagement Ring Designers May Profit From Desire to Upgrade Rings

A recently released statistic is sure to have pleased engagement ring designers, as it showed that around a quarter of engaged Britons would like to update or upgrade their original ring.

Enquired about this subject, a specialist pointed out a couple of potential reasons for this trend, such as the fact that most people are quite young when they first get engaged or married, and therefore not financially solvent enough to get the best or shiniest of rings. As time goes on, there may be a desire to make the ring stand out more next to the rest of one’s jewellery.

Another theory posited by the specialist is that, as time passes and engagements deepen, the original ring’s design may stop appealing to the wearer, prompting the desire for an upgrade.

During the chat to the engagement specialist, the question of changing dating and engagement ring was also approached. When questioned about why most people no longer seek their parents’ permission before getting engaged, the interviewee pointed them out as a possible reason, and they were also hinted at as a potential cause of the old ritual of getting down on one knee falling in disuse.

As for the reason so many people are disappointed with the way their partners propose to them, this may, in the specialist’s opinion, be Hollywood’s fault. The specialist in question also points the high expectations placed on this particular event as the main reason why most men dread ring-shopping for their partners – especially since most of the complaints made about the subject revolve around the unsuitability of the ring.

According to the interviewed party, most of the upgrades, updates or alterations that do occur have to do with broken bands or damaged settings, as well as with alterations to family heirlooms so that they can be repurposed as engagement rings.

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