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Anton Kata Joins F&L Designer Guide for Engagement Rings

Born in South Africa, Anton Kata has literally travelled a long way to end up in his studio in London, where he currently works as a fine jewellery artist. He is one of the few designers to have been selected to feature in the F&L Designer Guide for Engagement Rings, a recently launched initiative which aims to promote one hundred of the best UK-based bespoke engagement ring designers and their work.

The F&L Designer Guides require a certain level of uniqueness and authenticity and it seems that Anton Kata has been judged to meet the standards. When examining his work, several features can be distinguished that make him stand out from the crowd in the eyes of the experts.

A Sculptural Approach

Many of Kata’s engagement rings feature distinctive metalwork techniques like balling and beading, hammering, carving, grinding and scratching. The different sizes and textures that have been created on the metal highlight a craftsmanship that is instantly recognisable.

According to Laura Bolick, co-founder of the F&L Designer Guides, Anton Kata is capable of creating perfect reinterpretations of the classical engagement rings by inducing a certain depth through the layers as well as shadows that appear in his work.

The Protea Flower

One of Kata’s inspirations is the Protea flower and the form and characteristics of this plant can be recognised in some of his designs. Currently, Kata is still developing the Protea concept and is working on a design which translates the distinct collar of the Protea’s petals that encase the flower’s centre into a ring.

As Kata has a hand in every aspect of an engagement ring’s creation, he has maximum control over the outcome of his work and may therefore be considered as a textbook example of British craftsmanship.

A hand-picked selection of Anton Kata’s work can from now on be viewed on his profile page on the F&L Designer Guides’ website.

About F&L Designer Guides:

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