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Sositar Molds & Plastic Company produces creative industrial design hardware

China, April 19, 2014: Since the invention of wheel, humans have continued to invent and innovate as need necessitated. Many of the primitive tools are still used in even modern industries but the continuous refinement of the design of those tools has made it tough for people to recognize or relate to them. Sositar Molds & Plastic Company is one of those that have contributed to such continuous improvement in hardware design by producing the equipment with precision and accuracy. In other words, the company is behind many of the finely designed equipment that is available in the market today.

Sositar Molds & Plastic Company Limited is an original equipment manufacturer of many production companies. It manufactures equipment for sports, electronics, medical, automotive and household need. The company specializes in Plastic injection molding, which is an advanced technology that ensures hardware is created precisely and accurately according to the design. It is a professional China mold maker of industrial scale rapid prototype mold making. It has been in the industry since 1998 and engages its 16 years of experience to streamline its operations more to exceed the expectation of its clientele rather than meet. The production capacity of Sositar is ranges between 60 and 80 sets of plastic mold China per month.

The factory of Sositar Molds & Plastic Company Limited is spread over an expanse of 3,800 square-meters and facilitated by convenient means of transportation. Presently, it has capital asset of more than 15 million RMB with its operation reaching to more than 150 toolmakers in China. Sositar has always emphasized the significance of employees in the quality of production and all-round development of the company. Its focus on efficient and adequate human resource helps it maintain productivity and quality. It employs several plastic injection molding technicians to ensure unhindered production and enough managing professionals to administer the process.

The layout has been and is the top priority at Sositar Molds & Plastic Company Limited. Continuous effort to engage modern management resources and talents has helped the company to evolve at par with the advancement in science and technology. The dedication of China mold maker towards exploration of possibilities and encouragement for innovation is the factor of its progressive character. The high degree of reliance of its clientele is due to the zero tolerance policy of the company towards the quality of Plastic mold China. The fact that Sositar has tens of customers from Europe and the USA demonstrates its reliability and standard.

About Sositar Molds & Plastic Company Limited

Website: http://www.moldchina.org/

Sositar Molds & Plastic Company Limited is a Chinese original equipment manufacturer that creates equipment through plastic injection technology. It manufactures products for sports, electronics, automotive, medical and household companies. It provides advanced CAD/CAE/CAM services too. The company was accredited with ISO 9001:2000 in 2004.

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