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Restaurant Seire presents its directory for hotels, pubs, and bars across Ireland

Ireland, 22nd April 2014: Directories serve as a great source of information in connection to places, hotspots, addresses, phone numbers and reviews. Every country across the world has its dedicated directory for specific subjects. One of the most widely searched areas is of hotels, pubs, and bars. People usually search for places which list down popular places in their localities. For the people of Ireland, Restaurant Seire has come up with an online directory which offers information about hotels, pubs as well as bars across Ireland. The website offers a map in its homepage where people can select and search for their specific areas. Below that the website also features a search bar where people can type in the name of their preferred restaurant or just search them by putting in the respective areas.

The website is further divided into different categories based on cafes, fast food, pizza restaurants, Irish pub & Bars, and restaurants . People can browse these categories and search for their preferred places. Moreover, in case they wish to search specific locations they can use the categorization based on locations within the country. Once the user clicks on any of the options i.e. location or category the page lists down the range of options available. They could click on the options and read the details about what they can expect from the place. The listing comes with a description and a review about the specific place. It also shoes the user the exact location on the map along with the address to help the user reach the place. People may also use the numbers, email addresses or the websites of specific place to know in detail about the place.

The site features a dedicated blog as well. People can read the updates and articles which present latest from the world of restaurants, pubs and more. It also features news and reviews from the latest foodie world of Ireland. So for people in search of a reliable source having a vast number of listings as well as details and reviews, Restaurant Seire serves as a single stop destination. Moreover, for the owners of restaurants and similar places listed on the website, they can contact the webmasters and get their places listed as well as reviewed by the experts. The directory has its own FB, Twitter and Youtube page with regularly updates with latest listings and restaurant reviews from the customers as well as experts.

About Restaurant Seire

URL: http://www.restaurantseire.com/

Restaurant Seire is an online directory which is dedicated to offer information about restaurants, pubs, and other similar places all over Ireland. Browsing through the directory customers can learn about the offerings as well as reviews of the quality as well as speciality of each listed place. The website has been made highly searchable which makes it easier for the customers to search the place or category they are search for.

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