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FruGirls presents its store with a wide range of apparels and other products

China, 1st May 2014: Online shopping has emerged to be an exceptional platform to help consumers buy products right from their homes. Although the internet is flooded with a vast number of stores, not all of them feature products in every category. China has already seen emergence of a wide number of stores in different categories. However, it has been difficult for people from outside China to communicate and work purchase from these sites. One of the sole reasons for that has been the site being in Chinese which is hard for the people from outside to understand. 

Seeking the increasing demand of Chinese products and help customers purchase them from other countries FruGirls has come up with its own online shop. The website offers a wide range of products which range from simple clothes to accessories and other electronics. The website works in collaboration with the local ecommerce websites in China and presents their products along with its own to the customers across the world. They have one of the largest, affordable, professional and reliable platforms in China today. Their efforts as Taobao agent serves different clients from many multi-national corporations from across the world. They also cater to individual clients and ship through the most reliable channels. 

Besides operating as an online retail store they also act as wholesale from taobao whereby they offer products at highly discounted prices. Their Taobao Englishaffiliations are from sites like www.taobao.com, www.jd.com, www.neweggs.com, www.1hao.com, www.amazon.cn, www.paipai.com,www.dangdang.com, etc. The website has been kept simple where navigation is much easy for the users. The products are categorized as per different categories and it would just need the shopper to open their preferred categories and check out the options available. The company offers a range of payment options which would help the consumers make the payment as per their preferred option. 

The store pledges to help customers get professional services and products at the most affordable rates. Interested people may get in touch with them through their live chat services or by any of the contact details mentioned on the website. Based on the order volumes the company makes arrangements to ship the products to the customers through the most reliable channels. The only thing which customers need to do is create their accounts, sign in, select their preferred products, add them to cart and make the payments. Once the payments are processed the company would ship the products to the customers. 

About FruGirls: 

Website: http://www.frugirls.com/ 

FruGirls is an online shopping website from China which works as a Taobao agent in collaboration with a vast number of local Chinese shopping website. It presents a vast range of products ranging from toys, clothes, accessories to electronic gadgets such as mobile phones. 

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E-mail: service#frugirls.com
Site: www.frugirls.com

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