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London Sightseeing Guide Gives Back to The British Museum

Popular tourist and sightseeing website V London City today announced here that they would be leading a fundraising drive for the British museum, as a way of giving back to the community that powers their site.

Well known for its excellent analysis and well written articles, V London City has become a firm favourite amongst tourists and visitors to the capital. With brief but informative articles on everything from museums to restaurants, it’s considered one of the best reference points for many of the city’s attractions and has been recommended by thousands of visitors.

The site has also developed a cult following amongst the city’s natives due to its excellent coverage of some of the capital’s lesser known gems. Unlike most attraction sites, it strays into the unknown and the explored areas of the capital to ensure that its recommendations are fresh and informative.

Sophia Rhodes, the head writer for the site, had this to say. "V London City is proud to announce that we will be leading a fundraising initiative for the British Museum. The location is one of our top picks for locals and visitors alike, but we feel that at the moment it is desperately underappreciated. By helping to raise awareness and some funds, we’re aiming to support this venerable organisation ensure a bright future, as well as exposing many to the wealth of treasures on offer there."

When asked about the site’s plans to actually raise the money, she added: "it’s obviously a tricky one for a primarily digital guide like ours. We don’t generate revenue by selling our articles because, of course, everything we do is freely available for the public to read. What we’re hoping for is for the many readers who appreciate the time, effort and expertise that put into each article, and for them to reward our efforts with a small donation.

The entirety of that donation will be passed on to the British museum. Donation can be done safely via justgiving - https://www.justgiving.com/vlondoncity

The British Museum is one of the capital’s most respected treasures, but has been hit hard by cuts from the coalition. Like many other institutions, it’s had to strip back its services in an effort to run to a much tighter budget, sparking outrage amongst the cultural elite. Fundraising efforts have allowed standards to remain high, but many are concerned that without further assistance, things will inevitably decline. Whether this financial aid comes from the government or the public remains to be seen, but companies like V London City won’t let this truly remarkable museum go down without a fight.

About V London City:

V London City offers a comprehensive and well researched guide to London, written by the people who know the capital best.

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Sofia Rhodes
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Email: vlondoncity@gmail.com

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