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Instagram users show off their COCK IN A SOCK photos to fight testicular cancer

A bold Instagram campaign involving posting a photo of a ‘cock in a sock’ is earning nods for pushing a good cause?to battle against testicular cancer.

“Cock In A Sock”

Following the recent Instagram craze ‘No Makeup Selfie’ which was purposely organized to create awareness on breast cancer and to raise funds for charity, “Cock In A Sock” or much popular with the hashtag “#cockinasock” campaign is another pursuit of a good cause. This time, the campaign is intended to create awareness and generate funds for testicular cancer.

‘Cock In A Sock’ campaign, despite its apparent boldness, is praised for being straightforward. The campaign challenges men to post photos of them wearing only a ‘modesty sock’ to cover their private body organ.

According to statistics, testicular cancer is among of the top alarming yet disregarded cancer types in the world. Data of the American Cancer Institute says that in the US alone, there is an approximate number of 8,000 cancer diagnoses in a year. UK on the other hand, has an estimated number of 2,000 diagnoses per year. Affected men are said to be from ages 20 to 39.

Due to the fact that testicular cancer is highly treatable, ‘Cock in a Sock’ pushes the campaign to encourage men to get tested.

From Facebook to Instagram

“Cock In the Sock’ campaign is an unofficial online campaign of the United Kingdom’s Cancer Research. It originated from UK-based Instagram users and is now spreading like wildfire across the globe.

The ‘Cock In A Sock’ campaign started out as a Facebook page accumulating mostly 80,000 likes and 25,000 shares. It was able to collect thousands of challenge photos, cash donations, and messages.

Due to being presumed as a violation to the ‘community standards’ of Facebook, the organizers of the said campaign brought it to Instagram.

The viral campaign

Famous rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers was among of the popular people who have started out the #CockInASock trend. The hashtag went viral and as of press time, thousands of #CockInASock pictures were already uploaded to Instagram in response to the campaign.

Public’s efforts

In a statement released by the Cancer Research UK, the agency clarified that the viral and famous Instagram campaign is not their official campaign but a generated effort of the public.

“There aren't any official campaigns raising money for Cancer Research UK. People are generously texting to beat cancer and this is coming in through a variety of routes and to a different number of charities,” the statement said.

Despite being unofficial, ‘Cock In A Sock’ campaign continues to earn support. One Instagram user described it as ‘a serious issue behind the naughtiness’.

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