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Washington MO:The Window to History

History, no matter how recent or ancient, has long fascinated many people. The thought of how people used to live their lives without modern conveniences has always caused people to stop and think. Of course, it also helps that the past is typically seen as an age of glory, a time when things tend to be simpler. 

If you are one of those who get easily fascinated by the thoughts of the past, then you would definitely feel the vibe at Washington, MO. Although Washington in Missouri might not be as popular as its Virginia counterpart, it can still give the latter a run for its money when it comes to reliving history. And why not! Washington MO is one of the go-to places especially since it is strategically located to two sites of history – the Historical Society Museum and the Firehouse Museum. As the name implies, the Firehouse museum contains a number of vintage firefighting equipment and trucks. On the other hand, the Historical Society Museum is a place where one can find everything related to the history of the city. 

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