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The Martinez Law Firm offers its criminal attorney services in Houston

United States of America, 7th May 2014: Complexities of law can make or break for any individual. It may ruin the lives of the concerned individual as well as his immediate family members. This can arise from weak attorney who might lead to excessive charges or injustice to the aggrieved party. This is the reason why it is recommended that people take services of professional and experienced lawyer. One such attorney services are provided by The Martinez Law Firm for the residents of Houston. They have been among the highly reputed personal injury attorney in Houston service providers and have been catering to people for more than 4-5 decades. There are instances where individuals get caught in DWI cases even though they have been in their full senses. Moreover, there might also be cases where individuals get booked which severe charges, although their crime might not have been so severe. For all these cases Martinez law firm fights for their clients and gets them the right justice.

The firm is headed by Herman Martinez and fights for clients at both Federal and State courts. Herman personally invites people who have been charged in a particular criminal case to meet him and take the free professional advice. Once people are satisfied with the suggestions, he moves ahead with the cases and his professional team takes care of the lawful needs. Clients can visit their website or call on their contact numbers to consult for their problems and get legal assistance. The firm is essentially based in Houston and is well known throughout the area. They have fought cases in virtually every field and have a rich experience to deal with different situations. For instance their criminal defense lawyer in Houston is as good as their criminal defense attorney in the entire region.

All these facts make them the right advice to follow when searching for a lawyer in Houston. Their official website features the range of cases they have fought, the testimonials they have received and the different kinds of legal cases they take up. Their areas of expertise include DUI cases, Drug crimes, under age drunk driving, criminal cases, etc. Moreover, they have also fought as a reliable Houston DWI lawyer for several clients. There are various means by which people could get in touch with them. They could do so by calling on their helpline number at (713) 242-1779 or visit their website and fill out the contact us form.

About The Martinez Law Firm:

The Martinez Law Firm caters to legal cases for clients within Houston. They have been around for quite some time now and have an experienced team of talented professionals. They take up cases at both State and Federal levels and have been known to crack some of the most trickiest cases in the past.

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