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Road Salting Could Increase Workload For Companies Like HMS Plumbing

The effect that the sprinkling of salt on roads across the state of Virginia is having on underground pipes and plumbing systems could represent an increase in demand for specialist companies around the area, such as HMS Plumbing.

The practice in question is standard every winter, and its aim is to combat icing and thereby make circulation safer for Virginian drivers. This year, 46.000 tons of the substance were applied in one state alone, in order to ensure this goal was met. Environmental reports have, however, stated that the practice may well affect the quality of life across Virginia in the short term.

One such report, released in 2005 by a Federal Environmental Protection Agency, has found that road salt may have adverse effects on drinking water, affect animal and plant life, cause complications for people with hypertension, and corrode pipes. The latter effect is what is causing local specialised companies such as HMS Plumbing to predict an upsurge in demand in upcoming months. While dedicated reports have not found any correlation between road salt and an increase in deer-related accidents, wildlife experts have noticed a pattern that points to that link effectively existing.

Other specialists are not so worried, stating that rock salt should be seen as just one of any number of pollutants that find their way into potable water at regular intervals – and not even one of the most dangerous ones, at that. Proof of that, they claim, is that while other chemicals have set limits for the amounts that can ooze into waterways, rock salt does not.

The amount of sodium chloride scattered around the roads of Culpeper District this year is more than twice the amount used for the same purpose in 2013. At the time, only 22.000 tons of rock salt were sprinkled on roads, but this year’s abnormal snowfall has prompted local authorities to double that number. A total of twenty-five roads have benefited by this practice and are spread across nine localities within the county.

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