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Antique Taps Versus Kitchen Taps

Taps are one of the mandatory parts of every kitchen. We probably usually never pay attention to them, but just think how often you use them per day; to do the dishes, wash your hands, drink some water and so on. Which is why I think you should definitely think a bit more about them. Hypothetically speaking, you’re moving into a new apartment and you are wondering if those taps that are already installed are any good. With this article, I will try to make you see why waterfall taps are awesome and help you decide which ones you want in your new, beautiful home.

What are antique taps?

There are many kids of antique taps and they mostly vary in these things:

Style – antique taps can be made in Edwardian, Colonial, Victorian or any other „antique“style. If you choose the right ones, they might make your kitchen or bathroom and led taps like it’s royal.

Material – they can be made from all sorts of material such as brushed nickel, antique gold, chrome, brass, nickel, weathered copper etc. But it’s almost always metal.

Levers – these taps usually come in two varieties and those are ceramic or solid (I advise you go for one of those two). But inspect the tensile strength of these materials first, and make sure they are not going to break easily before you buy anything.

Now that we found out what kitchen taps are, we should go over some real advice. Read this carefully so you don’t end up spending your money for nothing.

Things you should watch when buying antique taps

Check if they work – I know this may seem obvious, but many people tend to forget to do this. This will be easiest done if you check the water flow, which should be straight and streamlined. Pay attention to the sound it makes, it’s also a good indication if the tap is working properly or not.

Make sure they fit properly– you’ve found a perfect tap for your kitchen taps and you are going to buy it instantly. No, don’t do that. Check first if they fit. Often the case is that the old plumbing won’t function well with newer, modern taps (or vice versa). But there are adapters that can be bought to solve this problem, so don’t worry.

Just to be careful, there are some other options that might be considered. You don’t want your money to go to waste after all this effort, do you?

Inspect the plumbing – a lot of people buy cheap (sometimes even expensive) replicas of antique taps based only on their look without inspecting the plumbing first. But if you don’t care about the plumbing, then these replica taps are an awesome idea for you.

Now that we went over this stuff, go to your nearest shop with your new knowledge and buy a tap or two (or twenty if you wish)! And remember, it might make your kitchen or bathroom taps look like a royal palace. It’s totally worth it!


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