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Demand For Venice Airport Transfers Could Increase As Airlines Expand Routes

Demand for Venice airport transfers could be even higher than usual this summer, as several airline companies either inaugurate new services to the location or expand upon routes successfully introduced in previous years.

One of the main parties responsible for this increase in demand could be Easyjet, one of the most popular low-cost airlines worldwide. Their service to Venice is ranked by the company itself as one of the most popular and sought-after in their portfolio, and its success should be repeated this summer.

Another company seeking to bank on the demand for their service to Venice, after a successful inauguration in 2013, is Air France. The City of Canals is one of the most popular destinations for this airline as well - alongside locations such as Moscow, Beirut and Berlin – and tourists arriving to Italy from France could definitely help boost the demand for Venice airport transfers in the upcoming months.

Perhaps less encompassing in scale, but nevertheless important to the finally tally of Venice airport transfers in 2014, will be Air Malta. Unlike the two previously mentioned companies, the Maltese flight operator’s service to Venice is brand new, with the first flights to the unique Italian city departing this summer. Marco Polo airport is one of the two new fixtures added to Air Malta’s 2014 calendar, with the other being another Italian destination, Parma.

Russian company Transaero is another operator which, while not large in scale, will definitely contribute to the expected increase in the number of Venice airport transfers. In this case, the service to Venice is not at all new, being one of sixty-five destinations accessible from Vnukovo airport.

Finally, Venice transfer operators may also benefit from Ryanair’s addition of a flight to nearby Verona. As a result of the opening of this route, many travel agencies are already offering inclusive packages for Lake Garda and Verona, which could see the drivers of airport transfer companies come across some extra work.

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