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Newspaper Feature Addresses Role Of Children On River Cruises in Europe

A feature recently published on the website of American news outlet the Huffington Post raised the question of whether or not smaller children have a place on river cruises in Europe.

The article was particularly concerned with this type of holiday’s lack of activities to entertain the younger crowd, which may in turn lead to the children being impatient and moody. According to the piece, most companies offering river cruises in Europe set their minimum passenger age at eighteen, precisely due to the fact that they tend to cater to the older demographic.

However, the feature does give the example of a few operators of river cruises in Europe that do actually offer programmes directed at families. Among the most commonly available activities on the decks of these types of vessels are shuffleboard – a common game on ship decks – and chess, both of which may interest young children and teenagers travelling with their parents. A strong Wi-Fi connection is also likely to please youngsters, as it will allow them to stay connected to their devices and friends.

Food is another concern for parents indulging in river cruises in Europe. Children can be notoriously picky eaters, and the gourmet menus – one of the highlights of this type of tour for adults – can, according to the article, be a little too much for them. Fortunately, a number of these tours – particularly those catering to families - make sure to include some simpler dishes to appease the young ones.

In what concerns the tours themselves, families travelling with children will also find that some locations certainly accommodate the younger members of a party. Some popular tourist attractions on shore even offer an ‘early-bird’ ticket, which will allow parents with small children to forgo the tedious process of waiting in line, and making the experience more enjoyable for the youngsters.

The feature writer concluded by stating that, in fact, this type of holiday is a positive experience to share with children, and that more families should try it.

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