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Canadian Paper Highlights Importance Of Medical Family Holiday Insurance

13 May, 2014: The Canadian edition of leading free newspaper Metro has recently run a feature on their website detailing why it is important for travellers preparing to go abroad to contract some form of medical coverage, whether in the form of single or family holiday insurance.

Unlike many features published on the same subject, this one is delivered from a personal perspective, with the writer basing their argument on a real-life situation involving their daughter and a friend. Still, the message is the same found in many other pieces on this topic: acquire travel insurance, or you may live to regret it!

In the specific case of Canadian travels, the article explains, the majority are convinced that Canada’s generous healthcare system (with free consultations and other perks) extends to Canadian citizens travelling abroad. This is, however, a misconception, and travellers who neglect to obtain medical insurance before leaving the country may find themselves empty-handed should the need for medical treatment arise whilst abroad. Taking out some form of single or family holiday insurance could therefore spell the difference between paying a nominal amount and incurring costs potentially going into the hundreds or thousands.

Also according to this piece, even day-trips to Canada’s neighbouring country, the United States, require some form of insurance policy, even though both countries are part of North America. The same is even true between Canadian provinces, as some of them have different medical plans than others.

The exceptions to this status quo, according to the writer, are people who travel with work and are insured through their employer. Even those people, however, are advised to take stock of what they are entitled to and how they can get it, to avoid disappointment should the need come about.

The article closes out with a few tips on how to shop for coverage, highlighting some of the questions to ask when looking at different plans.

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