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Style up your ensemble at EvaModa before buying

United States of America; 5/13/2014: Fashion has gotten all the more easy with the online fashion houses offering vast opportunities to explore the new layers of fashion. Gone are the days when visiting the malls was a necessity for purchase. With the popularity of online shopping on the rise people are opting more to sit and home or office and do the shopping rather than going shop-hopping. There are a number of fashion websites available in the present date where the viewers can go through the latest trends in fashion and most of the websites offer shopping facilities. EvoModa offers a platform, an online fashion styler, where the viewers can mix and match different parts and pieces of an outfit to get a new combination. The fashionistas can take different elements in an outfit and watch them put together as a complete ensemble. All this can be done without the viewer having to leave the retailer’s website.

The website offers almost a virtual dressing room where the viewers can take and match different parts of an outfit. They are also offered an opportunity to put side by side different versions of a particular or specific product to get the most suitable ensemble on a whole. For instance, differing colors and styles of a shirt can be put together in order to select the most suitable one. Putting the garments side by side with each other gives a clear idea of the desired look. When the viewer is already done with styling an outfit, the styler can then be used for progressing to the next page. The products that are within the chosen ensemble of the viewers can be purchased and it can also be shared through social media.

The website allows its viewers to get the look that they desire and all this can be done without the viewers leaving the websites and fashion stores and blogs. New outfits can be created on this virtual fashion styler by mixing and matching various parts. Moreover, the outfits can be edited as well. EvoModa can be accessed on tablet, laptop, and smartphone so that the viewers can create their own fashion anywhere. Being an online dressing room, EvaModa offers a huge platform where the viewers and customers can explore different layers of fashion. It offers an opportunity to the budding fashion designers to get a hint of a complete outfit by putting together pieces from various places.

EvoModa offers the virtual fitting room where the viewers and customers can get different accessories to pair up with dresses. The viewers can also choose to use the online styler for mixing accessories properly with the outfit.

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EvoModa is a virtual shopping arena where the viewers and customers can mix and match different pieces of clothes and accessories to come up with a complete ensemble. For more information, visit the website.

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