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Dealightstore.com presents its vast range of LED lightning solutions

China, 13th May 2014: Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of any country or city across the world. It is due to these lighting solutions that both business and households carry out their day to day work. They are as much as a part of our everyday life that it’s hard to imagine living without them today. With years the options have expanded and companies have come up with effective lighting options. The demands of today are products which are economical and highly efficient to use. LED lighting by far has emerged to be one of the most effective products in this industry. There are several manufacturers who are offering a wide number of solutions to both businesses and households throughout the world. One such company which manufactures numerous products in this area is the LÝA Lighting Co. Limited.

The company belongs to China and is among the largest manufacturers of LED lighting in the country. They have their own designing, R&D and marketing team which deals in offering a comprehensive end to end solution for the lighting needs of its customers. The company offers its products for sale through their global website which is the dealightstore.com. The store caters to the needs of both the wholesale buyers as well as the customers. Presently, the company has featured over a 1000 products while 500 of them are in stock and are ready for delivery in a day after the order has been made.

Although, the company has a huge portfolio, their R&D team keeps on developing new innovative products on a daily basis. The products are backed by latest and advanced technologies which help them to offer efficient and cost effective products. The company has also invested in their IT systems, website, and the phone systems for ensuring that they provide the top notch customer services to their clients. They specialize in manufacturing LED lights, LED strips, LED tapes, LED bulbs, LED spotlights, etc. Each of these categories feature numerous products such as the LED strips section offers flexible LED strip, or the LED strip light. This means that the company has virtually every product which a customer might be in search of.

The products come with a 5 year guarantee along with a 30 day money back guarantee. Usually once the order is placed, the products are available for delivery on the very next day. In order to know more about shipping or discount options customers can get in touch with the company by calling on their official number. Customers may use the online contact us form on the website. Moreover, for instant solutions they may use the live chat help and get instant answers to their queries.

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Dealightstore.com is an online store which offers a range of LED lighting products for customers across the world. The company is based in China and is among the largest manufacturers of LED products from the country.

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