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Game of 3 Halves provides Ninja Kiwi Bloons Tower Defence games online

The United States of America, May 13, 2014: Video games are loved by children and adults alike. There was a time when separate equipment needed to be bought to play any video game. However, the advancement in computer technology and the advent of smartphones brought interesting video games on everyone’s finger tips. Besides, there are some good websites that offer online play mode of various games. Game of 3 Halves is one such website that is dedicated to facilitate download and online play of Bloons Tower Defence games by Ninja Kiwi. It has all the versions of the game including the latest in the series at www.gameof3halves.com/game/bloonstowerdefense5.html.

Bloons Tower Defence series is comprised of 5 games as yet and the latest one is the Bloons Tower Defence 5. The series enjoys considerable fan-following throughout the world. In fact, all those who know about Bloons Tower Defence are believed to have even tried their hands at the latest version of the game. In addition to the new versions, Ninja Kiwi has released an expansion pack to the previous version too. The Bloons Tower Defence 4 Expansion pack available at www.gameof3halves.com/game/bloons-tower-defense-4-expansion.html takes the gamer to a different level with new set of cool weapons and tracks. The next advancement to this game offers access into the sacred temple as well as poses several exciting mysteries to be solved by players.

A new challenge named the deflation mode is included in Bloons Tower Defence 4 at www.gameof3halves.com/game/bloons-tower-defense-4-expansion.html. Normally, players have to set their defence strategically to stop balloons from reaching the end of the track. Users get money for every balloon burst by the defence set by them. However, in the deflation mode, users do not receive money for hits but the deduction is made like in the regular mode. Thus, it raises the level of challenge and forces players to focus more on strategy. The expansion pack offers exclusive access to dart guns and spike factory.

Bloons Tower Defence 5 is a full upgrade from the previous version from all perspective, except the control. It can be enjoyed at www.gameof3halves.com/game/ bloonstowerdefense5.html.The game-play and control have been retained in the latest version too. In ensures that people do not face any hindrance towards enjoying a fun game. The fifth version has more than 20 new maps which can be played at 3 levels of difficulty. Moreover, the manual defence mode allows players to test their speed and vigilance. In other words, Game of 3 Halves has included everything at its site to facilitate fans of Ninja Kiwi Bloons Tower Defence.

About Game of 3 Halves:

Website: http://www.gameof3halves.com/

Game of 3 Halves is a website that provides Bloons Tower Defence by Ninja Kiwi for download as well as online play. It is dedicated website that features all the versions in the series and all the upgrades to every version.

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