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Dogs Life Grooming is a professional dog grooming service provider

The United Kingdom, May 14, 2014:Dogs are man’s best friend, or so it is said. There are numerous individuals and families that have pets, especially in European and American countries. Dogs are among the favourite pet species and are considered part of family. However, animals are animals and their need differs from that of humans but in the fast paced lifestyle that people lead in the present age, it becomes difficult to take due care of everything. Like there are services available for various chores, professional dog grooming service is available too, at least in Blackpool, Cleveleys and Fleetwood in the United Kingdom. Dogs Life Grooming is a professional dog grooming service provider with additional facility of pickup and drop-off so that the pet that is known for its faithfulness receives treatment that it deserves. 

The standard and quality of dog grooming in Fleetwood is same as that provided in Blackpool or Cleveleys. In other words, Dogs Life Grooming strictly maintains the standard of its service irrespective of the locality and the species of dog that is enrolled for grooming. Dogs Life Grooming is based in Rossall, which is perfect location to provide dog grooming in Blackpool and Fleetwood and even Lancashire. Every dog is welcome and receives VIP treatment at any of the grooming centres of Dog Life Grooming. The pets are treated in comfortable grooming studios that are characterised by homely ambience. 

Dogs Life Grooming offers right mixture of professional and personal care. Its setup, substances and instruments are of commercial standard and quality while the environment and atmosphere is homely and accommodating. Thus, the clients get the assurance of professional care and their pets get the warmth of family treatment. Dog grooming in Cleveleys as well as other locations is divided under 3 categories. The Full Groom service encompasses bathing and blow drying; de-shedding, de-matting and thorough brushing; clipping, trimming, scissoring and styling; hand stripping for specific breeds or coat-types; nail trimming and ear care, which includes cleaning, plucking and trimming. 

There are two other variants of service available. They additionally include trimming of hair on sanitary are and eyes of specific breeds and visual health check. Special discount is offered online for pups between 3 months and 6 months of age. Moreover, the pickup and drop-off service is certainly a major convenience as pet owners only need to book the grooming service and the rest is taken care by Dogs Life Grooming. In addition to that, the company entertains certain personal preference so that clients receive their pet exactly as they want them to. 

About Dogs Life Grooming: 

Website: http://dogslifegrooming.com 

Dogs Life Grooming is a grooming service agency in Rossall, the UK and caters to pet dogs in Blackpool, Cleveleys, Fleetwood and Lancashire. It offers 3 ranges of dog grooming service and accepts pups as young as 3 months old. Pickup and drop-off is also facilitated by the company.

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