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Recovering deleted photos from HTC One M8 Cell Phone

Aidfile Recovery software is a powerful photo recovery tool to restore lost recover pictures after delete or format from HTC One M8 Cell Phone. 

Recover pictures, images, jpg, bmp, png files from HTC One M8 Cell Phone 

The HTC One M8's sumptuous aluminum body makes a beautiful background for this top-flight smartphone's brilliant 5-inch display. It runs on a powerful quad-core processor and Android KitKat, the stereo speakers deliver excellent sound, and the depth-sensing camera brings a ton of useful features. 

The HTC One M8 must compete head-to-head against its arch-rival's freshest mobile machine, the Samsung Galaxy S5, and compete it does. Aesthetically speaking, the HTC One M8 runs rings around the GS5 with its elegant and intuitive Sense interface. What's more, though the M8 may lack every bell and whistle that Samsung packs into its phones, it matches the GS5 on almost every feature that really matters, from processing speed to user interface. Only the camera and its ever-so-slightly muddy shots give me pause. 

The HTC One M8 Google Play Edition pairs HTC's excellent 2014 aluminum superphone -- including its brilliant 5-inch screen and top-notch sound -- with a pure, Nexus-style Android KitKat interface that's free of carrier bloatware.M8 understandably stands a little taller yet is just slightly heavier than the 2013 HTC One (5.04 ounces, 142.9 grams). It's heavier than the Galaxy S5 too (5.1 ounces, 145 grams), even though the M8 lacks extra hardware such as a heart rate monitor and fingerprint scanner.With a full HD resolution (1, 920x1, 080 pixels), photos, video, and text were also crisp on the phone's screen even if it has a marginally lower pixel density than the original One (4.7 inch, 1, 920x1, 080 pixels). All this adds up to a display that does justice to any visual content you choose to enjoy on the M8 GPE. 

Aidfile picture recovery software for recovering deleted photos after delete or format from sd card, flash drive, hard drive or digital camera, smart phone, usb drive, cf card, mmc card 

Use Undelete to recover deleted photo from HTC One M8 Cell Phone 

Use Unformat to recover photo after format HTC One M8 Cell Phone 

Use Recover partition to recover photo if HTC One M8 Cell Phone partition changed or damaged or deleted. 

Use Full Scan to recover lost photo if partitions show as raw or recover photo which can not be found with undeleteand unformat and recover partition 

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