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Mac Book Air’s 11 inch and 13-inch Updated Models Expected to be Released Soon

It is no longer a surprise for Apple users that the company has been continuously providing extensive service to each and every consumer they have through its upgraded versions of different gadgets. According to a recent report from MacGeneration, Apple Company is reportedly planning to release an upgraded version of its former, 11-inch and 13-inch Macbook Air units this coming week. What is in store for these new versions on their roster of top notch communication devices and computers, well, that is for us to discover when we finally see them on the market.

But, as we look at the trail of history of Macbook Air, the last update that was made by the company on its line of Macbook Air was June of 2013. Some of the updates included on their 2013 version aimed to provide higher speed of WiFi connection through its faster and more energy efficient internal storage and processors. Its updated Macbook Air versions also featured the same display size but a swifter PCI Express based storing capacity.

The New Face of Macbook Air

One of the most anticipated features of the updated versio of Macbook Air is its Intel processor. If rumors from reliable sites and sources will end up true, Apple Company will be using one of the following processors which are equally new in the market:

• 1.4 GHz i5-4350U
• 1.5 GHz i5-4360U or
• 1.4 GHz i5-4260U

As known to many retailers, Apple is now using 1.4 GHz i5-4260U chip for its Macbook Air units. But the reports that state that the company crossed out the 4350U chip on its selection leaves guessers and avid consumers guessing between 1.5 GHz i5-4360U or an upgraded version of its 1.4 GHz i5-4260U. Reports also tell that Apple Company is not closing its doors, not yet, on its Macbook Air line with the new 12-inch Macbook Air model that is expected to turn the market into a craze one more time on the latter part of 2014. To make it more comprehensible to customers who keep on waiting for the newest line of Apple products, Macbook Air will not only stop on its upgraded version of 11-inch and 13-inch laptop products but it will actually come up with an all-new 12-inch version later this year.

Aside from Macbook Air, Apple is also working its way to give the upgraded versions of Retina Macbook Pros.

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