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Lioness Publishing House Launches Press Release Writing Service

North Palm Beach, FL; May 15, 2014: Press releases have a variety of purposes within the business world. It is released by the press to inform the public about a new product, service, or event that is useful to the masses. Press releases can also be used when it comes to SEO to ensure that businesses can be located within the search engines.

Lioness Publishing House, a popular web design studio in North Palm Beach, has recently launched a press release writing service. This allows businesses to get the help that they need in regards to all of their writing. The company had previously offered content writing along with writing for blogs and articles. Now, as the need for press releases has grown, companies can look to Lioness for assistance.

Customers who have a strong web design and who have a blog understand the importance of new content being released online. In many instances, the content is being placed directly on the company website. However, this is not enough in today’s day and age. There is more competition and it is harder to obtain a page 1 ranking within the search engines.

Press releases are used as another way to get content about a business online. Lioness Publishing offers an array of on-page and off-page SEO tactics in order to help its customers and now press releases can be obtained.

There are several variations available with the SEO services. This includes press release writing, distribution, as well as both, which can save a company money. As a result, it allows a company to choose how much assistance they need on such a topic so that they are not without the services that they require.

“I’m so glad that Lioness has begun offering press releases so that I can have a professional writer take care of my blogs and now my PR so that it’s one less thing for me to worry about,” comments Darryl, a longtime customer of Lioness Publishing House.

More businesses have decided that they are unable to concentrate on all aspects of their business. “Marketing is usually one of the first services to go. People can either write or they can’t. When they can’t, they can turn to us as we have a team of great writers on staff to write on any topic that is desired,” says the owner.

Lioness Publishing House lists all of their services within their website, with pricing. This allows customers to see what is available and begin pricing out the services without having to call. Placing a call to the company can result in learning more about the services and how to obtain help.

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