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Rehab Assist Offers Hope To Victims Of Alcohol Addiction

Individuals struggling to overcome alcohol addiction have been thrown a lifeline for recovery through Rehab Assist, a specialised team of dedicated and caring professionals ready to offer assistance and advice. 

Armed with years of experience in alcohol rehabilitation and a cadre of qualified addiction specialists, Rehab Assist is a beacon of hope to those drowning in the murky waters of addiction. As such, they have developed an enviable reputation for being the leading alcohol recovery service in the UK. 

Those in need of support can simply log on to www.alcoholrehablondon.net and sign up to receive free personalised advice. Additionally, the team at Rehab Assist work closely with clients to ensure that they are afforded the most appropriate treatment options available.They will also make arrangements for their clients to access any of the various treatment centres in and around London, with whom they have had a long-standing working relationship. Patrons can rest assured that Rehab Assist works only with those treatment centres that meet all the regulatory standardsand have the required team of professionals to meet their specific needs. 

At Rehab Assist, each patient’s alcohol treatment journey includes detoxification, a therapeutic programme and on-going recovery; all of which may be done at treatment centres or in the client’s home. It has been proven however, that a residential arrangement provides the best environment for long-term success than out-patient care. This, as a residential environment eliminates the triggers that fuel patterns of addictive behaviour, allows clients to immerse themselves in a structured and intense therapeutic programme and provides clients with a greater sense of community and motivation asthey see their peers at different stages in the recovery process. 

Normal treatment period is 28 days, however, as each individual situation is unique, Rehab Assist can arrange for an extension of the treatment period to between 60 and 90 days. 

Addicts receiving out-patient care benefit from Rehab Assist’s home-based alcohol detox programme, designed primarily for low-risk clients.In this programme, clients are supervised by a qualified addiction specialist doctor or nurse who will do home visits, assess the general health and wellbeing of participants and provide the appropriate medication for detoxification.This aspect of the programme generally lasts between 7 and 10 days, after which, Rehab Assist willarrange for clients to attend out-patient services such as counselling or psychotherapy to help address the underlying issues that are often associated with alcohol addiction. 

Though Rehab Assist works primarily with addicts resident in and around London, their online alcohol therapy offers assistance to anyone living anywhere in the world. The aim of theironline programme is to help clientsin 6 – 10 sessions toidentify and resolve their addictive patterns and triggers which lead to alcohol abuse. 

For the thousands of people living in and around London who suffer from alcohol addiction, Rehab Assist offers hope and much needed support. Many victims of alcohol abusefind it hard to break free of their addiction on their own; but with Rehab Assist, there is someone to hold their hand. Individuals can therefore reach out and receive the help they need by simply visiting www.alcoholrehablondon.net or call the Rehab Assist team at 0203 535 7063 and begin the process of recovery. 

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