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Jubilee Community Centre offers facility for different kinds of community services

United Kingdom; 5/17/2014: Community centres and associations have always played an important role for group meetings and group interactions. A large number of community centres are emerging these days to cater to the low income group or to the people who are less well off. They provide a number of facilities covering social and business needs. These community centres provide large and spacious halls to hold social or business meetings, classes, and various other activities. All these centres are for the most part run by the churches. The roots of community centres lie in the work and activities of the church and priests. The most basic purpose of a community centre is creating a network that is all-embracing and all-purpose. These centres aim not just at providing multiple services but also at providing a space for people of all classes to mix together and socialize. The Jubilee Community Centre of East Grinstead is a facility that caters to a number of activities that include community group classes, dance groups, children’s groups, arts groups, choirs, etc.

The Jubilee Community Centre is run by the church and priests. This community hall caters to the needs of the church such as programs and other activities and also to the local and business communities of the place in West Sussex. The centre aims at the improvement of the quality of life of the low income group in East Grinstead by way of providing those opportunities for education, recreation, health, leisure, and well-being. They also offer flexible rooms for sport activities, rehearsals, training conferences, seminars, workshops, and boardroom meetings. They provide room hire services and the kinds of rooms include Jordan Hall, the Avon Studio, Zambezi Room, Indus Room, etc.

This modern facility provides rooms and halls for various functions and events as well. For instance, the local community people are also given to hire the halls to serve as weddings venue. The halls are large and spacious and are available at low rates. The church also organizes other social activities like parent coaching and counselling in order to help in the growth of a healthy community. The members are also offered the facility to hold meetings and conference that are either social in nature or have associations with business.

The community centre provides a percentage of the total income to the charities working within the community. They also provide sport facilities and have a spacious sports hall that caters all kinds of sports activities. The Jubilee Community Centre offers facilities for the development of cultural, recreational, and personal welfare of people who are part of the community. They also offer a meeting room for the voluntary organizations and other different groups that need accommodation.

About The Jubilee Community Centre:


The Jubilee Community Centre is a centre that caters to multipurpose need within a community such as holding social or business meetings, sports events, and events and occasions of the church. For more information, visit the website.

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