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HappyBuying enables foreigners to purchase from Chinese shopping websites

People's Republic of China, May 19, 2014: China has imposed certain restrictions on corporate companies and chains of businesses. Online shopping service is one of them as the country does not allow many renowned global ecommerce companies to function in its physical and virtual market. However, the goods manufactured in China have gained popularity due their low cost and practical approach to utility. HappyBuying is an online resource that enables customers from different parts of the World to benefit from the feasible and economical production industry of China. HappyBuying is an online Taobao agent and allows foreign customers to benefit fsrom provisions of Taobao. However, its service is not exclusive to Taobao as HappyBuying provides complete ecommerce assistance for transaction with other shopping websites too.

People who are aware of the economic strategy of China can best understand relevance and significance of the services of HappyBuying. China is steadily gaining economic stability due to various economic regulations that the country has implemented over the course of years. It is a blatant fact that the Chinese production industry has made its impression throughout the World Chinese goods throng markets in developed countries as well as in emerging economies. Besides, the country itself is the largest consumer market in the World. In fact, a keen comparative analysis revealed that Chinese ecommerce company Alibaba has multiple times greater business than that of Amazon.com. All of that and more have made Chinese products more affordable than others. With the assistance from HappyBuying agents, both businessmen and end-consumers can benefit by purchasing goods at low cost from Chinese ecommerce companies.

HappyBuying assists its users to buy from Taobao and various other ecommerce companies such as 360buy, dangdang, vancl, M18, Mbaobao, Ihok, 818shyf and others. It provides all the essential tools that foreigner customer may need for efficient transaction. Expense Estimation, Weight Estimation, Language Translator, Size Comparison, Currency Exchange, etc. are some of the useful web applications offered by HappyBuying. Besides, the Chinese online shopping mall has detailed Knowledge Base, explanatory Tutorial Video and vast section for FAQ, all of which provide full assistance to users and enables them to efficiently use provisions of HappyBuying for the best. However, the purchasing-agent service of HappyBuying is provided especially for Taobao. Full catalogue of products of English Taobao is accessible through the website. Besides English, all the services are available in French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages too. The website of HappyBuying is a functional ecommerce as well as an informative guide for transaction with Chinese ecommerce companies.

About HappyBuying:

Website: happybuying.com

Happy Buying is a complete online agency that assists foreign customers to purchase at Chinese ecommerce websites. It was established in 2009 and facilitates both wholesale and retail transaction. It supports PayPal transfers in order to simplify transaction for customers.

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