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Websites Are Finding Clever Ways To Stop Email Spam

Email, email, and email. The subject continues to be a great debate among marketers on the effectiveness of it and if the technology is dying or not. If business at Email YoYo is any indicator over the death of email marketing in favor of social or the latest shiny object, then let it be said that email is alive and thriving. However there is a problem growing with it that can no longer be ignored.

Every year more people in the world come online for the first time. Even in 2014 there are untold millions across the globe that have yet to join the Internet revolution. From savvy seniors joining social networks like Facebook to stay in contact with grandchildren to newly installed computer labs and the Raspberry Pi project that is putting more computers in the hands of children than ever. The fact is more people online equates to more potential leads for your email lists.

The Internet is far from mature and constantly evolving. While there are new means of communication introduced in what seems like a monthly schedule, the email address is still the main source of communication for the majority of online users. While success can certainly be found in other mediums like social media and PPC, most marketers still value a leads's email address over any other way of connecting with a customer or potential one. Why?

As a marketer in social media you know that you must cut through the chatter and leisure time of "most" people. Social media moments are quick status updates and personal time on the Internet. With email, you have a direct means of communicating with a lead without much interference. The email address is counted on for paying bills, registrations, and e-commerce transactions among other topics. The average Internet customer still considers their email inbox as their preferred communication method. Social media platforms even know the importance of capturing a user's email address because most of them requires it to open account.

But what happens in this new world of email importance when at the same time Spam emails continue to clutter the inbox of your customers and you fight for attention among hundreds of emails. It has been stated that Spam can account for over 70% of a user's email messages on any given day. Now the subject turns to Spam, Spam, and Spam. How much of this is ending up your email lead lists from automated bot form fillers to mischievous users registering accounts on your websites or services? The number may startle you if you are not actively cleaning your email lists or have a form of real-time email validation in place to stop these fake leads from entering your databases.

As new potential customers for your business are introduced every day, so are newly programmed bots made to skip past CAPTCHA controls. The rise of the non-seasoned Internet user is also a problem through typos due to the fast paced life modern society stays in. They see it daily at through email verification services at Email YoYo and these are only a few of the examples which reveal that your lead generation efforts can no longer ignore email verification to purge bad emails from your lists. Get rid of the fake emails and bad addresses causing bounce back every time you send an email blast. Many businesses are seeing the uptrend in the problem of Spam and are choosing email verification to combat it. If you are building leads through email and have not yet explored the benefits of email validation, now is the time to pay attention.

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