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Martial Arts Business U Launches To Help Martial Arts Instructors Succeed In Business

Austin, TX; May 20, 2014: Martial arts instructors who are looking for help in starting and growing their martial art schools now have reason to celebrate, as the new martial arts business coaching website from Small Dojo Big Profits author Mike Massie has launched.

"MAbizU.com represents years of hard work and planning," says martial arts business coach and author Mike Massie. "It's the first martial arts business coaching site of its kind, to present a comprehensive education in all aspects of running a dojo in a logical and sequential manner," says Massie.

MAbizU.com was designed by Mr. Massie to help dojo owners who are confused and overwhelmed by all the business information that's available on the market today. He claims that most karate school owners fail because they either don't know what to do to grow their business, or they don't know what to do first. In creating MAbizU.com, he sought to alleviate that problem by organizing all the information in a logical sequence.

Although the site is designed to provide business coaching, it's organized much like a college or university program. The idea is to provide martial art school owners with an organized, systematic, and logical approach to learning the ins and outs of running a martial art school.

"Perhaps the greatest complaint I've heard from my clients and customers regarding other programs they've tried is that they're confusing and disorganized," says Massie. "Much of the positive feedback I receive on my materials is that it's very organized and easy to understand. So, I listened to my clients and took that a step further when I created the MAbizU program."

Massie started training in the martial arts 30 years ago, and has started three successful martial art schools from scratch. He wrote his first book, Small Dojo Big Profits, after ten years of teaching professionally. He says he wrote it because he made a lot of mistakes in starting and growing his first dojo, and he wanted to share what he'd learned with other instructors.

MAbizU.com is now open and accepting new members. School owners who would like to find out more can do so by visiting http://mabizu.com.

MAbizU is a business coaching website for martial art school owners and instructors that's patterned after a university distance education model. Courses are presented in chronological order based on the level of experience and knowledge of the student member. All courses are written and narrated by Mike Massie, author of over a dozen martial arts business books and resources, who is a fifteen-year veteran martial arts business consultant.

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